Certain Integrals of Generalized Hypergeometric and Con uent Hypergeometric Functions

  • Dinesh Kumar Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodh- pur 342011, India


In this paper, we aim at establishing certain finite integral formulas for the generalized Gauss hypergeometric and confluent hypergeometric functions. Furthermore, the$F^{(\alpha ,\beta)}_p(a,b;c;z)$-function occurring in each of our main results can be reduced, under variousspecial cases, to such simpler functions as the classical Gauss hypergeometric function $_{2}F_{1}$, Gauss confluent hypergeometric function $\varphi^{(\alpha ,\beta)}_p(b;c;z)$ function and generalized hypergeometric function $_{p}F_{q}$. A specimen of some of these interesting applications of our main integral formulas are presented briefly.

Biografia do Autor

Dinesh Kumar, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodh- pur 342011, India
Research Associate


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