About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Mission: To publish recent advances in the areas on:

  • Pure Math
  • Aplicated math
  • Mathematical education
  • Pure Statistics
  • Applied statistics
  • Statistical Education

Objectives: To contribute to increase the scientific knowledge of academic communities, professionals in the fields of mathematics, statistics and other areas of knowledge and contribute to the development of the community.

Target Audience:

Undergraduate students
Graduate students

Submission Policy:

Submission of full papers, essays, technical bulletins, or any other form of scientific paper will be submitted online only through the Sigmae journal website.


Sigmae journal aims to publish one issue per semester, including thematic issues.

Document Types:

One accepts documents in LaTeX or Word/LibreOffice format, being highly recommended the TeX format, according to the templates available for download (see the topic Guidelines for Authors).

Peer Review Process

  • The evaluation of papers submitted to Sigmae journal will be done by peers, in blind review system, with 2 evaluators per paper. In case of disagreement, a third evaluator will be contacted.
  • Those items will be evaluated: clarity, originality, scientific rigor, compliance with the rules, objectivity, coherence between objectives, methodology, results and conclusions and correction.
  • The standard time for evaluation will be 1 month and may be renewed for an equal period upon request of the reviewer.
  • Referees will be recruited for Sigmae journal based on their experience in specific areas of mathematics and statistics.


Potential sponsoring organizations are welcome to get in touch.

Journal History

Sigmae journal was launched at the first quarter of 2012, at the initiative of a group of teachers from the Institute of Exact Sciences of the Federal University of Alfenas, Brazil (Unifal-MG): Eric B Ferreira, Jose Claudinei Ferreira, Evandro Monteiro and Cátia R. O. Quiles.

This was the first electronic journal of Unifal-MG online on June 21, 2012, via OJS (Open Journal Systems) platform.

It was registered at the Brazilian National Library under the corporate publisher Unifal-MG, which paid the costs getting its ISSN: 2317-0840.