Application of convex programming in determining the best location of a transmission tower in the city of Alfenas - MG


  • Bruno César Moreira Tomaz Universidade Federal de Alfenas
  • Bruna Pires Rocha Universidade Federal de Alfenas
  • Flaviane Silva de Souza
  • Maria Caruline Baquião
  • Natally Rodrigues Silva
  • Anderson José de Oliveira


non-linear programming, solver, mathematical modeling


Most mathematical models dealing with real problems present some degree of nonlinearity. Thus, studies on methods of solving such problems are required, many of which are treated by a branch of Applied Mathematics, called Operational Research (O.R). The O.R has as one of its objectives to use methods that aim at the optimal solution of optimization problems. One method that can be applied to this type of problem is convex programming. In this way, the aim of this article is to apply the convex programming method to solve a problem of nonlinear programming, whose purpose is to minimize the distance of a transmission tower to
three neighborhoods of the city Alfenas-MG. For solving the calculations, the Solver tool was used, present in the Excel. Finally, it was concluded that the Solver was efficient in solving the problem, allowing the definition of the exact point where the transmission tower should be placed, minimizing its distance to the three desired neighborhoods.


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Tomaz, B. C. M., Rocha, B. P., Souza, F. S. de, Baquião, M. C., Silva, N. R., & Oliveira, A. J. de. (2018). Application of convex programming in determining the best location of a transmission tower in the city of Alfenas - MG. Sigmae, 6(2), 78–87. Retrieved from